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   Singatron Enterprises offers a complete line of electronic connectors, adapters & cables assembly including DC power jacks, RCA jacks, audio & video jacks, board-to-board interconnect solutions, switches, modular jacks & custom products/connectors and mating cable assemblies, etc. We offer a wide range of industry standard, as well as new technology products. Full manufacturing capability for interconnects and cables assemblies including molding, stamping, plating and assembly.

   Top Magnetics Corporation (TMC) is the industry's fastest growing supplier of inductive and magnetic components. TXC manufactures an array of power and RF inductors, telecom & analog transformers, DC-AC inverters, common mode chokes, main transformers, EMI suppression products for Data Networking, Power, Telecom, and Broadband Applications. Top Magnetics has four plants in China.

   Cincon – Power Solutions Company : Cincon manufactures AC/DC power supplies in desktop, wall, PCB and open frame form factors, DC/DC converters, battery chargers, in-car chargers, travel chargers and signal conditioners for Modbus applications. Cincon is UL,cUL, CE, TUV certified.

   Varta- The Battery Experts, a leader in battery techology, offers primary & rechargeable batteries for automotive, portable and micro applications. NI-MH, NI-CD, Lithium, Alkaline, Manganese, Zinc Air, Silver Oxide, Lead Acid and many other chemistries. Packages include cylindrical, button, prismatic and custom battery packs built to your specifications. NEW! EZ-PACK - custom battery pack to fit a wide variety of applications.

   Japan Radio Corporation is a leading manufacturer of Operational Amplifiers, Voltage Comparators, Voltage Regulators, Audio Signal ICs, Communication ICs, Motor Control ICs, Analog Switches, Voltage Converters, Quartz Crystal Oscillators, LCD Controllers/Drivers, Infrared Photo Detectors, Photo Couplers, Photo Reflectors, GaAs MMICs for Mobile Phones, and SAW Filters.

   TXC manufactures quartz crystals, crystal oscillators, VCXO's, OCXO's, TCXO's, Ceramic Resonators, Saw Resonators and Filters, Timing Modules and low frequency tuning fork crystals.

   Knowles Acoustics is a manufacturer of electret & specialty microphones, miniature microphone elements, miniature dynamic speakers, acoustic dampers, standard & custom headsets, bluetooth headsets. Knowles is your complete acoustic solutions provider.

   Music Semiconductors offers specialty IC's for Networking and Telecom, products include Content Addressable Memories (CAM's), Routing Co-Processors (RCP's), and layer 3 & 4 switches for IP networks with QOS prioritization.

   ITC Info-Tek Corporation (ITC) is a professional EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Service) firm in Taiwan (Headquarters) and China (4 Branches). Our main business is SMT (Surface Mount Technology), PTH (Pin Through Hole insertion) and Final Assembly Manufacturing (Box Build) in terms of full turnkey solutions for various electrical products in different fields. Optical, Telecommunication, Information Appliances, Office Appliances, Home Appliances, etc.

   Linkupon Advanced Material Corporation offers custom part manufacturing using advanced polymers and super-engineered plastics. Materials offered include:

MIPELON™, a fine powder ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, with a molecular weight of two million microns or more and particle measurements of no more than 25 to 30 microns.

LUBMER™ is a special polyolefin resin developed with Mitsui Chemical technology. Lubmer surpasses other engineering in self lubrication and abrasion resistance and is used in many machine parts, including electric and electronic instruments which must meet the strictest of standard for friction.

AURUM® is an easy melt, processable and recyclable thermoplastic polyimide resin that provides continuous service temperatures to 465° F in its amorphous state and up to 550° F when annealed to its semicrystalline state.

Linkupon makes cases, brackets, screws and provides raw stock in sheet or block formats.